Massage Services: Back Neck Massage, Chair Massage, FBSM, Foot Massage

New Jersey Latina Massage Parlor

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New Jersey Massage Parlor

Full body Massage

Full body massage services deliver a hands-on masage experience for your entire body, from head to toe. Every massage therapist has her own style and technique. Starting at the head or shoulders, or starting at the feet or hands, she will work her way around your body to address all of your muscles. Ask for the full service massage for a full body massage treatment. Call us now (973) 826-7564.

Face and Neck Massage

Headaches and back aches often come from tension in the muscles of the scalp, face, and neck. A face and Neck massage may be just what you need to release your tension. Call (973) 826-7564

Leg and Sports Massage

We spend so much time on our legs, and give them so little special attention. A leg and foot massage treats your leg from torso to toes. Circulation and muscle tone are addressed. Call us (973) 826-7564

Relaxation Massage

The King of all massage, the relaxation massage is most popular style of massage. There is nothing like the touch of another caring, gentle human being to set a mood for relaxation and recovery. Call (973) 826-7564

Special Massage Services

Of course ask your massage therapist about any special needs you may have. Talk to us (973) 826-7564

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a style of kneading and rolling, applied to your back and other muscles. Try a Shiatsu massage and you may never go for anything else! Try us (973) 826-7564

Chinese or Korean Massage

The Asian Massages are unique. Instead of trying to deliver a specific type of massage stroke or technique, the Asians know that massage is a healing and nurturing process. So Asian massage seeks to achieve, through touch, communication with your body and its energies. Ask for an asian massage and let your asian massage therapist begin to feel her way to your relaxation and stress release. Interested? Call (973) 826-7564

New Jersey Massage Parlor

Experience a relaxing massage in a quiet room, with soft music, candlelight, and a young and beautiful Latina who knows how to release your stress.

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